A Psycho-physical therapy

Life is movement.

The existence of nature depends on movement and transformation. 

During the last 70.000 years human beings got further and further away from the basic animal nature, imagining a reality appart from nature. In order to understand our true nature, we need to rediscover today some of the instincts and intuitions that we lost during thousands of years.

The power of the society over the individual is enormous today. The rush and the stress of the modern life has a big impact on human beings and contributes to the creation of the majority of fears and blockages in our lives. These fears affect every aspect of our bodies, minds and spirit, preventing us from living in harmony and balance. We are either concentrated in the future or in the past, stagnated and disconnected from our basic needs: we just miss the  present moment. 

In the Anma-Ampuku treatment we take the person through an energetic journey, helping her/him to understand the basic nature elements and how they manifest in the body, and teaching her/him to learn how to tune back to a healthy life, using pragmatic and simple tools to generate change. She/he will understand how to relate to the world in a new way, without getting lost.  



The Physiological work on the abdomen helps to stabilise and create harmony. It is highly beneficial in case of digestive problems such as constipation, irritable colon & irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, etc. It Improves the respiratory system, creating balance in cases of asthma and/or shortness of breath. It is also very effective for headaches and migraines, rheumatic pain, discomfort and stiffness, stress, etc. 

The Emotional Ampuku techniques help people to understand their negative habits and patterns, so they can relate to their experiences throughout life with less (or without) discomfort and difficulties. The purpose of the treatment is to help to create a space where we can begin to perceive their molds and patterns that create diseases and express the real needs and emotions. 

From the physical side, this body work can help relieving a wide range of ailments: back or joint pain, injuries, migraines, dizziness, asthma, intestinal disorders, fertility problems, circulatory problems, etc.

During the Ampuku treatment, the individual usually experience different sensations, both physical and/or emotional. Internal conflicts rise to the surface of consciousness and opens up the the possibility of generating movement and change. The experience of connecting to the inner conflicts gives us the ability to make better decisions, with the opportunity to change our behaviour in specific situations, and improving the overall quality of life and health. 



The anma-ampuku therapy and the Body Reading treatments can be adapted to everyone, regardless of age and contraindications. Preventively, the session enhances harmony and boosts the body’s defences, focusing on balance and providing deep relaxation. Why wait for disorders and problems to appear in order to act?