Body Reading by the five Great elements of nature

There are no diseases in nature, only sick people. A disease is part of the human personality.

To trigger healing in the physical or the emotional level, an individual has to make active changes in hers/his behaviour patterns and a change of perspective and point of view in life.

As an evaluation system for the emotional Ampuku, the Body Reading system aims to bring the human being to its basic natural healthy state through the understanding of human behaviour.

The system is based on knowledge from eastern philosophy and medicine, mixed with a wide understanding of modern psychology. 

Combining the theories of the Tibetan culture and the Tao way with the fascinating knowledge of human evolution and human behaviour, we can reveal inner patters that create diseases, addictions and difficulties that we carry in our lives. 

These evaluation uses a unique and original point of view that allows the client to sharpen her/his self-understanding capabilities, opening up to start an effective and active healing process.

Nature is constructed from five major elements:

Earth      Water      Fire      Air      Wood 

Human beings are also built from the same elements. Each element represents a different kind of energy in the human body. For example, the Earth represents the base, the family, the earlier relationships and the sexuality; the Water represents the emotions, the creativity; the Fire is the body moving mechanism and the Air is the mental part.

As Humans beings, we are in a way addicted to diseases, and even if we consciously want to get rid of them and get healthier, our subconscious mind fights against the natural healing process because of old conditioning and habits. Through Ampuku therapy and the Body Reading system we can close the gap between the subconscious and the conscious, creating movement and health in life and breaking the patterns that keep us “attached” to a disease.